Guy Bails On His Date After She Admits To Have Been Using Him For A Free Meal (SCREENS INSIDE)

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Imagine a situation, when a guy askes a girl out on a date, they agree to 'Go Dutch.' Then, she orders the most expensive meal on the menu and has four cocktails. At the end of the meal, she says something like: "You're not really in my taste. We have nothing in common. I'm here just for a free meal." The Typical Student team shares what happened to a guy who found himself in a similar situation.


'Going Dutch' Went Wrong

In reality, the story didn't have to turn out like this, as the two had agreed about splitting the bill in advance. As soon as it became clear that one side of the party wasn’t playing ball, the fun evaporated from the restaurant.

So, after the guy got introduced to a girl through a mutual friend, he asked his new acquaintance out on a date.






Two days after the invitation, she called the guy and agreed to go to a restaurant. The guy offered to 'Go Dutch' and explained what it meant to her. 




What Happened On The Date?

Then comes the most exciting part - the date. In the restaurant, the girl ordered a total of four cocktails. 




And then she confessed she was there only for a meal, but not the date itself. So, here's what the guy did. He excused himself to the men's room but found the waiter instead to explain the whole situation. He only paid for his steak and drink, generously tipped the waiter and snuck out of the restaurant through the back door.  





What Happened Next?


In the aftermath, the guy had to answer some questions. And so he did. 

Naturally, after what had happened, the mutual friend who had introduced the two, severed ties with the girl. 

'Going Dutch' meant sharing the bill, but when the girl ordered $150 worth of food, he quickly ditched the idea. 

Also, the guy never heard anything from the girl he had a date with, so he believes the restaurant might have got the police involved. 





Eventually, after the guy stopped by the restaurant to learn how the story had ended, he was told the girl's father came and paid her part of the bill.





How Did People Online React?

After the story was shared, people sounded off with the reactions. Here are just a few of them:




The guy really dodged the bullet there...




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