Girl Goes On Hilarious Rant When This Guy Matches with Her on Tinder (SCREENS INSIDE)

2 years ago



Tinder encounters can be surprising, so to save the trouble of meeting someone you wouldn't really want to, one needs to have selection criteria. This girl surely knows who she's looking for. So, she had a terrible meltdown when this guy matched her on Tinder without taking her psycho dating criteria into account. The Typical Student team shares these crazy screens with the readers.


#1 Meet Spencer. She's 21 and a student at the University of Guelph-Humber. Oh, and she has serious trust issues:




#2 So, this guy is sliding into Spencer's DMs like: 




#3 However, his answer was not what she expected, so Spencer went on a lengthy rant to make her point:





#4 She went on and on revealing more about her horrible personality:





#5 Then suddenly selling the digital dreams tickets popped up:




The guy turned out to have a great sense of humor, so he obviously ignored all the b.s. 


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