CCU Graduate Sent His Graduation Pics To Stranger And Here’s How Ridiculous Their Conversation Has Gone

3 years ago



Columbia University graduate Justin Campbell (@YoungGus10) accidentally sent the photos from his graduation to a wrong number and had a little and encouraging text conversation with the stranger. Obviously, the weird text message exchange has gone viral. Justin tweeted the screenshots of his text conversation with the stranger and the tweet almost immediately got more than 90 thousand likes and over 32 thousand retweets. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!






So the person whom Justin texted was a real estate agent Roger Hawkins (@c21rdhjunior). When Roger got that weird message, he was a little bit surprised, but he didn’t just step aside. Roger used this opportunity to congratulate the guy, who texted him those pics, on his graduation. So Roger replied to that odd text message, “My guy!” and sent a hilarious selfie with a thumbs up.








If it wasn’t enough, Justin linked Rodger a playlist of motivational speeches in response. Roger then shared the link in his Twitter with a comment, “I listen to this in the morning a lot.”





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