Guy Shares In Twitter Thread How His Cousin Learns TERRIBLE Truth About Her Sugar Daddy (TWEETS INSIDE)

2 years ago


This is a story worth a separate TV series. A Twitter user who goes by the name @JayAfoolBro revealed the shocking details of his cousin Trina's private life, and the story is worth a thousand words. The Typical Student team shares a viral Twitter thread, take a look.


Sugar Daddy Background

It all started when @JayAfoolBro tweeted "Y'all pray for my cousin she just found out her sugar daddy was her biological father." WHAT?



This older man was paying a cousin's rent, bills, and car note. 





In return, he wanted "young cooch": 




Apparently, Trina asked Jay for advice, so he said she could give it a try:





The "sugar daddy" bought clothes and shoes for Trina's kids: 




A few years passed, and Trina's mom came up to her saying her biological dad wanted to meet her.





Trina's mom said her dad's real name was Melvin, but he also had a nickname to go by - "Lucky": 




Next week, Trina was a little nervous, so she called her "sugar daddy" to share her anxiety: 





They had a conversation like this: 




So, he asked Trina what her father's name was, as she had never told him a thing about the old man:





And so, Trina said his name was Melvin:




Suddenly, the "sugar daddy" said that he was Trina's father! 




So, after Jay heard the whole story, he pretty much summed it all up saying: "Well, at least you already been calling him daddy" 




What would you do if you found yourself in a situation like Trina's? 


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