Guy Sent Identical Tinder Icebreakers Got Pranked By His Two Roommates (SCREENS INSIDE)

2 years ago



Icebreakers are an essential part of Tinder communication, but this instance is a truly hilarious one. The Typical Student team found this hilarious Tinder prank that went viral and is going to share it with you. 


"I'm Deleting Tinder"

So, a guy named Trenton worked out an ideal pick up formula - he sent out identical pick up lines to two different matches. Can you imagine how surprised he was to find the matches replied identically to him! This whole thing made Trenton decide he's had enough, so he tweeted: "I'm deleting Tinder."

Little did Trenton know that the two "girls" he matched with were actually his roommates who had both conspired against him!




We all have that one line that just seems to be an easy copy and paste job and Trenton's is based in a supermarket. Here's what he wrote to both girls: "Imagine this. We are both strangers in a grocery store but we will somehow make eye contact in the produce section.

"My hands are full of limes I am unable to hold all of them. Limes are falling all over the ground. You rush over in an effort to help and I look deeply in your eyes and say, 'Sorry, I'm bad at pickup lines'."



In a few seconds, his other match, Niki, answered with the exactly same message. Poor Trenton apparently felt guilty for being a serial copy paster. So, he replied: "Okay, not gunna lie the weirdest thing just happened. I haven't been on Tinder for a few days so I sent that out to a couple girls and you gave the literal exact same response as another girl.

"Not sound to sound like a player but whatever, I'm tripped out."





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