Guy's Tinder Date Knocks Him Out In Bed First Night They Hook Up (REDDIT STORY)

2 years ago



The r/tifu subreddit is always delivering crazy stories that instantly go viral online. This time around, the Typical Student team has discovered a real gem as far as Tinder dating is concerned. 

So, there's this Reddit user u/so_pitted_dude decided to hook up with his Tinder date "to only get knocked the f*ck." 

He mentioned this isn't his style to get involved with somebody on the first date, though.




After having a great date fuelled with humor, he felt like it "clicked." It was late, so he decided to drive his date home. The girl asked if she could stop by his place to have a quick bite and watch their favorite TV show.   



So, the two got to u/so_pitted_dude's place, relaxed and busted out a little wine. So, after a great evening, at 1 am the guy said it was time to go to bed, so he fetched a blanket for the girl, without expecting anything sexual to happen. Still, she followed him to the bedroom. 



They started making out, without switching the light on, then stumbled into his bed. 



In the fit of lust, the girl threw the guy off the bed and he lost his consciousness. When he came to his senses, he saw the girl in tears thinking she had killed her date.  




After that, the girl said a funny phrase "Jesus fuck Hulk Hogan over there," which caused quite a stir in the comments on the subreddit. Luckily, everything went well afterward. The girl accompanied the guy to the hospital, and he absolutely fell in love with her. 




People then asked if hulk Hogan still got a second date, and the author's answer was positive. 





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