Did You Know: Where Do the Happiest UK Students Live?

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How often do you hear of a student being happy with their academic life? The research held among the UK students has revealed that Belfast is where the happiest UK students live. When asked about different aspects of academic life, the majority of students were quite happy with:  

  • student life
  • education standards
  • nightlife affordability
  • stress levels

Where Do the Happiest UK Students Live?

Belfast was ranked the first in the rating. 94% of students in Belfast universities were 'very happy' with their education and social life. As for the second and third places, they were split between Brighton and Coventry with 93% and 92% of happy students, respectively.

The Natwest Student Living Index suggests that Cardiff is the cheapest UK city for students, followed by Aberdeen and Durham. As for London, it has been named the world’s best student city in the latest QS Best Student Cities index. The top 5 world’s best student cities also includes Edinburgh, Manchester, Coventry, and Nottingham.

What Are the Downsides of Student Life?

On the opposite side, London, Belfast, and Brighton have been called the worst places for quality of life by The HouseShop property portal. According to Belfastlive, high rent payments  leave London graduates with the lowest disposable incomes out of all the cities.

As for graduate employment, ¼ of employed graduates relocated to study, but returned home to work. Approximately of graduates are employed in regions other than those where they studied or were raised. 12% of employed UK graduates stayed in the area where they had studied, and 46% study and work close to home.

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