7 HEARTWARMING Times Complete Strangers Helped Struggling Students

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College life is definitely super tough. Probably all students not only had some problems with their tests, exams, and finals, but also with their personal life. When you are trying to pass through all your exams successfully and somehow to manage your social life at the same time you might fail that all. Not to mention your job, internships or sports. In this way, sometimes students feel like they really need help. There are times when college students have to save up on food and cut their expenses to survive. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about 7 Ways to Save Up on Food for US Students: From Cheap Meal Plans to Healthy Snacks.

However, there are not many people who help others disinterestedly. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that even your friends will surely help you when you need their help the most. Nevertheless, there are people who are happy to help strangers. Have a look at the seven heartwarming examples of strangers helping students.

#1 The rescue from the airport


Heather Rauenhorst from Seattle was a freshman flying back to college by a budget airline when her flight was canceled. She had no money for a hotel and she was desperately crying in the airport when a woman noticed her and suggested Heather coming to her house overnight and driving her to the airport early in the morning.

#2 A life advice


Abigail Seligsohn from Philadelphia met a woman on the plane. Abigail had a casual talk with the woman which had improved to a serious and intimate conversation. Abigail told the woman about her brother’s suicide and a strange woman gave her a couple of valuable life advice.

#3 The shoes for Cinderella 


Lauren Blake from Chicago was 20 at that time and she was struggling to find a pair of shoes that was a requirement for her new job. A woman who was shopping around there noticed her and suggested her help in choosing shoes. After the woman picked a pair she bought it for Lauren and said that it was a gift.

#4 The treats for students


Kathleen Tuck from Utah shares her story of thirty years ago. Being students she and her friends hardy had money for food. They were discussing sweets when an old lady struck up a conversation. After she realized that students had almost no money, he quietly bought them a carton of deliciousness.

#5 The car crash


Kate Bates from Illinois had a car accident when she was a freshman. A man who was driving behind her stopped and suggested his help. Despite the fact the Kate and her friends refused to sit in a man’s car before the police arrives, the man cheered them up and said that everything was going to be OK.

#6 Driving with a stranger


Teri Darcy, a student from Colorado, missed her bus and was walking back home when a stranger gave her a lift. Teri was a bit nervous about driving in a stranger’s car, but this story ended up well.

#7 A kind-hearted driver


Tara Wood, a student from Montreal, was walking back her to aunt’s house in the pouring rain. She was waiting for the rain to subside under a bus shelter when a bus arrived. The driver asked her if she was going to get on, but Tara answered that she didn’t have her bus pass with her. However, the driver didn’t want her to freeze on the bus stop and drove her home for free.

Indeed, people can be really amazing. Hopefully, we managed to restore your faith in mankind! 

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