Here's How College Student’s Life Is Falling Apart In Texts (TEXTS INSIDE)

3 years ago



The Typical Student team continues delivering student stories to the readers. If you are a college student who takes the whole bunch of classes in order to graduate on time and has a couple of part-time jobs in order to pay off your student loans, there is a high probability that your entire life is already falling apart.

This college student had been trying to balance her studies, work, and personal life for too long before her life reached the verge of collapse. Her life has become so tough that even her electronics started letting her down and this is exactly how this ridiculous text conversation emerged.




So the student texted her friend messages that read, “R u still up? I realized I have your charger but don’t want to wake you up” to which her friend replied, “Yes, I’m gonna get it right now.” And then the student texted her friend, “When you wake up can you wake me up, my alarm hasn’t been going off, idk why. My electronics are all fucked up. Let’s go to campus together, I need to get note cards.”




Well, let’s just hope that this student’s life has significantly improved after this electronics crisis. 


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