Here Is What College Admission Really Is According To Skilled Students

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When you are a fresher or even a high-schooler who dreams of college, this part of life seems cool. However, college is a lot more than hanging out with your friends and here is what the Typical Student team is going to tell you about.


College Admission





Here is what college admission really is:


  • A personal journey. This is your search so own it.

  • An invitation to explore identity and purpose. This will not happen overnight.

  • Imperfect. It is a human process, so expect “user error.”

  • A celebration of your hard work.

  • About engagement, so lean in.

  • Exciting. The minute it becomes a chore stop and check yourself. Enjoy the ride.

  • An investment in you—both short and long term.

  • About unity, not vanity, so don’t sacrifice relationships for status.

  • A privilege, so take advantage of the opportunities you have.

  • Full of choice, so be open and consider all of your options.


College Admission Is Not





And here is what college admission is not:


  • A value judgment on whether you are “good enough”.

  • Life or death.

  • Fair.

  • About status. Aim high, but for the right reasons.

  • A game or prize.

  • The final exam for high school. You only do high school once, so live in it.

  • One size fits all.

  • To be taken at face value. Dig deep and ask probing questions.

  • A reason to create an unreasonable schedule, so prioritize balance.

  • A passive experience. You are in control so assert it.

  • Linear. There are many pathways to your future, so consider them all.

  • A search for perfection. There is not one “right” college.

  • A test. Like life, this is the real thing, so be in it.

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