Here’s What Happened When Student Relied on Autocorrection While Texting Prof

3 years ago



Autocorrection is a really useful tool that makes spelling easy. However, pretty often it doesn’t work quite right and substitute the words with some odd ones just like in this case.

Jared is an average college student who casually texted his teacher about sending the electronic copy of his project to him. So the teacher asked Jared if he could send his project via email to what Jared replied, “Can’t email that format. Way too big.”



Jared’s professor seemed to be an understanding one, so he started looking for the solution to this problem. Well, he did come up with an okay solution, but the autocorrection let him down. So the teacher texted his student this, “Oh, all good, shall I sent you a dick or USB to put it on?”

Well, auto correction is indeed a nightmare of the Digital Age. It was the reason for many text message disasters, wasn’t it? So poor Jared didn’t even know what to reply to such an interesting message. Let’s just hope that eventually Jared successfully sent his project to this teacher and that the teacher didn’t die of shame.

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