16 HILARIOUS Experiences You Never Had As a Student

3 years ago



Our students’ life might not be funny enough unless we had hilarious school experience. Some of them freak us out while the others make us laugh ourselves to death. Which of the following made you uneasy? The Typical Student team previously told you about 

1. Can you imagine yourself to be starving for knowledge to come to a flooded class? Then again, to come to a flooded class in summer? For students in Bangladesh it’s a way too common situation.


2. Are you still whining about difficulties of getting to school? The students of Gulu School, China, have to survive a 5 hour way to school each day. Isn’t it the most rewarding thirst for knowledge?


3. The students of Bangladesh schools have possibly the most hilarious school experience ever - bigger part of their school year is spent on a boat. Lucky for them every necessary equipment is held there, including solar batteries.


4. How about the oddest school ever? Students at Brooklyn free school never study traditional subjects. They have a choice what to do - to study TV-shows or to taste cheese, to play basketball or to stretch out. Whatever you want you can undergo here.



5.  The students of British schools can probably boast about their team building trainings - blind experiments. Would you be able to recognise your classmates with your eyes covered?


6. Have you ever talked to elfs? Then, how about studying with them? If no, pay your attention to Icelandic Elf School where you’ll be taught how to be a proper elf. The students here never study Maths or Chemistry, but they always have time for folklore and history of elfs.



7.  Quest to Learn (Q2L) can definitely be named the most amusing school ever. Learning all school subjects as parts of video games - what could possibly be better? As bonus you can always reach next levels and obtain some points.


8. What do you know about the impossible? Teachers at this American school set wonderfully easy goals for students to achieve.



9. How often do you sleep at school? If never, try thinking about transfer to Chinese schools where you’ll be allowed to take a 30 minute nap each day. Tempting, isn’t it?


10. We never know how helpful our home task can possibly be. In some British schools it can save you throughout a tournament.



11. For Justin Bieber haters teachers have prepared a ‘kind’ task. What will your answers be?


12. The students of Australian school had an unforgettable school experience to walk a mile in the serial killer’s shoes. All was possible due to the following assignment:


13. It matters not only what students do, but also what teachers drink.


14. Using the restroom in Australian school might become your queerest trial. Which team are you playing for?


15. In American schools you have to get a ‘hall pass’ if you need the loo during the lesson. Can this destination become the weirdest?



16. In some American school there are three types of students: humans, squirrels and Keith:


Hopefully, this was fun! 

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