Squirrel On Campus Meme Is Taking Over Twitter, And It's HILARIOUS

2 years ago



Squirrels are kind of cute, so the Typical Student team just couldn't miss this meme alert. So, it all started with a Twitter thread by Rodger Sherman about squirrels living on college campuses.  


The caption read: "Did you attend a college with squirrels on campus? And, did people assert that your school’s squirrels were, in some way, different from most squirrels?"

So, other students shared their experiences of  various squirrel encounters they've had while studying in college. 




Some Twitter users found this more than relatable as they've done research projects on squirrels:




How Did US Colleges Introduce Their Campus Squirrels?


Next, US colleges tuned in, some even introduced their own squirrels by their names:




For instance, Penn State's squirrel has its own Twitter profile @SneezySquirrel. Meanwhile, Wheaton College just shared their squirrel's reaction as to being "unbothered."




Michigan Tech tuned in with an elusive snow squirrel on campus:





University of Oklahoma sounded off with "the Fifth day of Christmas" reference with a squirrel:




And there's a real squirrel whisperer on Columbia campus, as it turns out:




Bet, after this funny meme you won't look at squirrels the same way you used to:




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