Is Your "Hot Dad" Pursuing Modeling Career? The New Meme Has Just Made Twitter Explode!

2 years ago



As you may know, the Typical Student team indulges in collecting some good memes. This time around, the Twitterverse has exploaded with the new "hot dad" aka Twitter meet my dad" meme, and we just couldn't pass it by.  The meme was started by Collin Hayslett @coolcat_colin who wanted to give his "aspiring model dad" a shout out on Twitter. Collin's tweet caption reads as follows: "My dad is however old, pursuing a modelling career, and I’ve never seen him happier. He told me he’s just waiting for a chance to blow up. So, Twitter, meet my dad." The attached pics aren't necessarily of their dad, but that fact doesn't make the meme less hilarious. Check out the memes!


#1 The real "hot dad" Clint Hayslett makes the Twitterverse erupt:




#2 When Jake Gyllenhaal is your "hot dad", but he's actually not:




#3 When you've never soon your dad happier:




#4 Now, that's getting more fun:




#5 How 'bout three "hot dads" at the same time?




#6 Some cartoon references if you please: 



#7 Judging by the movie, Shrek might be a great option for "hot dad": 





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