Housing Crisis at University of California Santa Cruz: Staff Asked to Offer Students Rooms for Rent In Private Homes!

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Shockingly, University of California Santa Cruz is experiencing problems with student accommodations. At that, it’s gotten so severe, they even ask professors and staff to house the university students! What’s going on with student housing at UC Santa Cruz? The Typical Student team has learned all the details. Previously, we told you about Student Housing Revolution: 4M Affordable Floating Residences Across Europe By 2025. Check the post to see how the problem is solved in Europe.

According to the official website of UC Santa Cruz, the director of housing sent out an email to faculty and staff Monday with a surprising request. As quoted on the website, he asked everyone concerned to "[offer] a room for rent" in their private homes to students. And, he blatantly explained the reason: a "housing crisis" not only on campus but in the city of Santa Cruz!

Is The Housing Problem at UC Santa Cruz THAT Severe? 

uc-santa-cruz-housing-crisis-03Source: UCSC / Via housing.ucsc.edu

As the open email reads, Dave Keller, the housing services director is asking to provide students with accommodations not temporarily! He actually asks the UCSC staffers to offer students a room for rent in their home during the fall semester! As told in the email, urrently, there are several hundred freshmen coming in who are still unassigned to housing. At that, university campus lacks any available space to house all of the incoming students.

While UCSC is trying to create more housing for its students, they believe such solution to be the most viable for them at hand. Mr. Keller asked the faculty and staff to provide students with housing for the entire academic year if that is possible saying “the need is real and it is urgent.”

Silicon Valley Housing Crisis Is to Blame

Source: UCSC / Via housing.ucsc.edu

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley is suffering from the severe housing crisis, which affects Santa Cruz as well. As told in the UCSC official statement, the university already houses "about 52% of its undergraduate students, and only has 9,300 beds available in total to these students." It is, however, unknown if there was an over-admission of students this academic year.

The statement says that the UCSC that incoming freshmen are guaranteed an on-campus housing for two consecutive years. Unfortunately, this academic year, the school experiences a shortage of options off-campus for students on a waiting list.

At that, the UCSC spokesperson has revealed the school currently has "a project in the works" will help to provide "thousands of more beds for students in the future." Still, the timeline for the above-mentioned project is unclear. 

How Do UCSC Students Feel About the Lack of Housing?

Naturally, the students at UCSC are seriously concerned over the housing situation they are facing in the fall semester. Voicing her concens on Twitter, Dana Padilla, 21, a senior at UCSC, said she found her "school’s desperate efforts to house incoming students "fuckin’ ridiculous."

uc-santa-cruz-housing-crisis-01Source: @disneydann

Meanwhile, Maria-Nicole Ikonomou, the UCSC alum, believes the plea for help from the professors and staff is totally "unacceptable." In her interview to BuzzFeedNews, she said:

"The UC system and their media spokesperson are taking an easy out here, rather than addressing the systemic issue that is making it even harder and more dangerous to be a public university student, especially for students of color, low-income and other marginalized communities."

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