How 3 Helium Balloons Helped US Wanna-be-student Pay for College

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US wanna-be-student worked hard to pay for the 1st year tuition and housing. She was accepted to university but had no money for living away from home. The girl asked God to help her and tied the note to the balloons. Suddenly, it was found by local minister. The Typical Student team is going to share with you this happy-ending story.


The Story of Mykehia Curry


18-year-old Mykehia Curry dreamt of being a student. Finally, she was accepted to Albany State University. Although Mykehia’s mother is on disability, the family found money for the University. They also took student loan, which was for housing and tuition. But Mykehia still needed money for living away from home.


She Needed Some Help


Needless to say, money has been tight because of Mykehia’s mom illness. August 2018, the teen decided to ask God for help. She wrote a short note just before going to school. It said: “God please help me get the rest of my stuff for college.”


"Then I said 'Amen, I love you God' and I wrote my name and number, " - the girl comments.

Mykehia tied the note to 3 helium balloons that were left after her granny’s b-day and let them go.


What Did Mykehia Expect?


"When I was writing the note, I was just trying to reach out to God. I didn't know where it would land," Mykehia says. "I thought that someone would pick it up and call me and tell me they got it or just throw it in the trash."


What Happened to The Ballons?


These 3 balloons had a long way. They flew over 15 mi northwest. That’s how the note traveled to Gray, Georgia.

Next day, the note was found by Jerome Jones. He’s a Baptist minister, who also works for Georgia Power. Jones just was out on a job when he saw something shiny and floating.


"They floated all night and they landed right in my hands, I mean, practically," Jones comments.


Jones read the note and wanted to answer Mykehia’s prayer. The minister called the girl and said that he’s going to buy all the needed goods for her.


Shocked and Surprised


"I was so shocked and surprised." - that’s how the future student described the moment she heard the minister is going to help her.

Without a doubt, Mykehia was happy. Soon she got help from Jones and another member of his church. The girl promised she’ll be in touch with the minister to tell him how the education process is going.


Now Mykehia Curry is going to study nursing. She’ll be the first member of the family to attend college.

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