Storytime: How I Got Accepted to Stanford University

3 years ago



Katherine is a freshman at Stanford and she reveals how she got accepted on her YouTube page The Kath Path. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!


First of all, Katherine claims that ACT, SAT, and GPA don’t matter as much as most people think they do. So she got 30 for her ACT, 1490 for SAT, and her GPA was 4.0, however, Katherine says that colleges are more interested in things you are passionate about rather than in your scores.






Katherine says that your extracurricular does matter and it really increases your chances of getting into Stanford. However, there is one more thing that can help you as well – your job. Katherine claims that mentioning your job in your application shows the admission committee that you are a responsible and reliable person. You don’t have to mention your job if you’ve got a great extracurricular somewhere else, but if you did not, it would be a great idea to mention your job instead.

Mentioning that you’re playing a sport





Colleges are seeking students who would play for their sports teams, so Katherine mentioned that she plays lacrosse in her application for Stanford. Moreover, she adds that it was a huge booster for her application. According to Katherine, colleges are extremely interested in unique students who do the things other people don’t. Katherine adds that Stanford, in particular, accepts well-rounded students who have something they are passionate about such as an unusual hobby, volunteering, or starting their own business.

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