How Important Are Laptops to College Students?

3 years ago



Technology has affected all aspects of our lives, everything right now is either digitalized or is going to be. Most colleges and schools depend heavily on the use of laptops to get several tasks completed. The required assignments are no longer paper-based, but mostly web-based. 

Most parents think of laptops to be the perfect gift to treat their college bound kids too.

Technology and universities are harmonic when it comes to the development of both. The first type used in universities was a vacuum tube-based computer. IBM then introduced its first personal computer back in 1981 and then named their next one “man of the year” in 1982. We all know that laptops are important, but how and why? 

Right here we will discuss how important laptops are to college students. 

Convenience of laptops




I can easily sum up the advantage of computers and laptops in one word, internet. The internet made accessing information and doing research and saving it very easy. So, the integration of laptops in education is a pretty intuitive step. Taking notes, viewing tutorials, and recording sessions are very easy. 

Computers enable students of different backgrounds and academia to design using tools specifically made in their area of expertise. A teacher can design a complete exam on a computer and put it on a platform that allows the students to take an exam from home and even get results instantly. A study proved that 80% of students found laptops to be the most convenient option when it comes to editing their work, 75% reported to prefer laptops to help them staying organized. 


Choosing the Right Laptop for your Work

You may face some challenges that may seem overwhelming at first when you’re choosing a laptop for your college. You have to factor many different aspects so you don’t end up with an expensive laptop that you probably won’t ever need in your line of studies. Afterpay is one of the options that let you get your laptop even if you didn’t pay the price in full, you can find afterpay stores here. If your goal is to simply take notes and watch videos then you’re better off with a standard laptop without a lot of firepower. 


A field like photography and engineering needs laptops that can handle intensive processing and multitasking, a hiccup in performance in these fields can cause you a lot of frustration and waste time. Laptops are very cheap, however, they are still the most expensive tool any student will buy. Perhaps during the early 90s or before that, it would have been possible for there to be a balance between the relevance and importance of laptops and that of books and note taking with pen and paper. But in this day in age, laptops are becoming more and more advanced at such a speed that it makes it extremely difficult to stay up to date and be productive in classes without having one. 




Many of the softwares available make it easier for students to dish out better quality work and also help them retain more and more knowledge at a much more convenient speed than that of doing research while reading a book or going through notes in a notebook. While books and writing will never really lose their charm, the practicality lies more in technology for today’s college student, and this is why, the laptop has become as essential as a backpack.



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