Here's How Jewish Students Celebrate Hanukkah at the UK Catholic College

2 years ago


Despite the fact that the campus is decorated for Christmas, Jewish members of the BC community are not going to miss this year’s Hanukkah celebrations. The Typical Student team shared 11 FUN Festive Memes For Everyone Out There Celebrating Hanukkah 2018. Now, we're going to tell you about students' festive traditions. 


What Does Hanukkah Celebration Involve?



Source: The Tab

Hillel, a Jewish club on campus, organizes a Hanukkah feast every year. The Vice-President of Hillel, Stephanie Koenig, said that besides the feast, Hanukkah celebration also involves "dreidel games and Hanukkah songs." All Jewish students usually attend festive dinner, mostly due to the fact that this is the one and only Hanukkah celebration on campus.


Why Isn’t Hanukkah So Popular at BC?



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Stephanie Koenig says that celebrating all Jewish holidays, including Hanukkah, isn’t a popular practice at the BC, that is why the Jewish community doesn’t organize a lot of religious holidays on campus. She also adds: "It is important to educate BC students regarding different religions because BC is not an accurate representation of life after college."



Source: The Tab


However, even though the Jewish community at the BC is rather small and celebrating Jewish religious holidays is not a usual thing there, Jewish students still try and celebrate Hanukkah every year. Moreover, the Hillel invites all the Jewish students to celebrate Hanukkah with them.

So happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate! 



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