Texting Pranks: How the Pranker Met His Match

3 years ago




Ever since the smartphones were invented people started using them to prank each other. And we must admit that text pranks are probably the funniest ones. But what if the prank doesn’t go according to the plan? Here’s how the pranker met his match and the prank ended up being even funnier. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!





So the guy texted a taxidermist about the creature he killed a couple days ago in order to know how much would it cost for him to get the thing stuffed. When the taxidermist asked the guy what was it, he said that he didn’t know. According to the guy’s descriptions of the creature, the taxidermist assumed that it was a raccoon and asked the guy to send him a picture.

However, the guy said that the creature was wrapped in the freezer, but he had a picture that his dad took in his office earlier. Just look what this guy sent to the taxidermist!


But that wasn’t it yet. The guy also asked if the taxidermist had experience of working with reptiles and, it seems like, he certainly had. So here’s how this pranker’s victim became a pranker.

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