4 WEIRD Graduation Outfits and an Alligator: Here's How Students Accept a Degree

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Diploma acceptance is once in a lifetime experience, so some students make the most of this special day. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about 10 DIY Prom Dresses That Will Make Heads Turn Your Way in 2018  and 5 CRAZIEST Prom Dresses That Went Viral on Social Media in 2018. Now, it’s time to refresh your memory with some more craziness. Tune in for the selection of students who dressed up for their diploma acceptance in a VERY unusual way!


#1 Spider Man






Source: LadBible


Meet Hiram Yahir Salas Romero, 22, the recent law graduate from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. He dressed up as a Spider Man on the occasion of his diploma acceptance, and it’s just HILARIOUS!


#2 T-Rex






Source: News4jax


Whether you’re a superhero, or a prehistoric reptile, you still have a chance to get a diploma. Obviously, this is what Tristan Charles Baermans was thinking when graduating from Florida Virtual School in April 2018.

#3 Walkers crisps packets





Source: BBC News

Still, graduation ceremony is not all fun and games. Emily Stevenson, 21, spent several hours of her life to create a DIY dress from Walkers crisps packets to wear it for her graduation. This way, the University of Plymouth student decided to pay attention to the problem of non-recyclable packaging.

#4 Gay student attends air force school graduation in dress and heels





Source: Metro UK

After years of bullying, Talles de Oliveira Faira, 24, came to his air force school graduation wearing dress and heels instead of wearing a dress. After years of bullying, Talles de Oliveira Faira, 24, came to his air force school graduation in a dress and heels instead of wearing a formal outfit. A student at the prestigious Aeronautic Technology Institute of the Air Force of Brazil, Faria was supposed to wear a suit. However, he chose to protest homophobia with his outfit.


#5 Alligator as an accessory?





Source: BBC News


You might not find anything unusual about this graduate’s outfit. However, Makenzie Noland, 21, made a LOT of headlines in August 2018. Texas A&M University student who graduated with a degree in wildlife and fisheries sciences, posted pictures of herself and a gargantuan alligator adopted by the Beaumont rescue centre.



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