12 Viral Tweets That Show How US Students Really Treat Thanksgiving

3 years ago



Obviously, Thanksgiving is a nice time to forget about your troubles. This is the day when a student can simply back home and pretend that everything is great. To make a long story short, in this post, the Typical Student team will show you how students treat Thanksgiving in 2018. Don’t miss these tweets because you definitely can relate to them!


#1 Just Replace It With College

how-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-1.jpg#2 Vegan Table

how-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-2.jpg#3 When Nobody Helps

how-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-3.jpg#4 That’s It!

how-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-4.jpg#5 Cute

how-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-5.jpg#6 Capitalism Eve

how-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-6.jpg#7 Starving

how-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-7.jpg#8 Notice Him!

how-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-8.jpg#9 Traditions

how-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-9.jpghow-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-9.jpg#10 Nuff Said

how-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-10.jpg#11 Boys Night

how-students-really-treat-thanksgiving-11.jpg#12 It Happens


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