Here’s How Texting You Uber Driver Can Go Wrong

3 years ago




Reddit user @selahbrate has posted her ridiculous conversation with an Uber driver and it went viral.

So the girl got a message that read, “I am here for you.” And of course, she misunderstood it and replied, “Thanks, I’m going through a tough time so it means a lot.” Then she added that she lost all her contacts and asked who was it. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!





Can you imagine how surprised she was when the mysterious and sweet guy replied, “This is your Uber driver,” and then he added, “I am here to pick you up.” A little embarrassing, isn’t it?






This text conversation immediately went viral on Reddit, it got more than 50 thousand views and over 300 comments. For instance, Reddit user @BurritoMonsters noticed that the Uber driver has got a good “pick up” line.





However, other Reddit user @droolmonkey5 claimed that this text conversation is a fake. He said, “Uber routes your phone number. It wouldn’t appear blue, as Uber doesn’t route through iPhones. Source: I am Uber driver with iPhone.” But still, we want to believe that he might be wrong and this hilarious text conversation is not a fake.

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