How To Deal With College Professor From Hell And Not Go Insane

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The Typical Student team continues delivering real-life student experiences. This time around, a YouTube blogger Too Much Mouth posted a storytime video about her college professor nightmare, so here’s her story.

What It's Like Juggling Studies and YouTube Blogging




The blogger says that education is extremely important to her and she always took her classes seriously. She was determined to get her Bachelor’s degree on time and that is why she took 6 classes per semester. In addition, she had 3 jobs and her YouTube channel, so her workload was really huge.


Nightmare College Professor 




The second to last semester Too Much Mouth had to take the Intro to Hospitality class online and that is how she met Professor Dumps. The blogger says that she didn’t like Professor Dumps right away because she was a really rude person. The main problem with that professor was that she gave them online assignments, but those assignments weren’t available that is why most of the students in her class missed the deadlines. Besides, it took ages to Professor Dumps to give students their marks.




However, Too Much Mouth managed to get A’s for all the assignments for that class except for the one that she didn’t send her on time, because the professor had updated the due date too late. The blogger says that she was completely sure that she was going to get A, however, when on the winter break she checked the grades she saw that she got C+ for Professor Dumps’ class.

So eventually Too Much Mouth had a kind of email fight with Professor Dumps and in the end, she got B for that class. However, the blogger says that she deserved A, she also claims that this professor had and still has issues with other students as well.

See the full video below:




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