Online Education: How to Get a Computer Science Degree for ₤5.650?

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The University of London is about to launch a new educational initiative. Starting March 2018, it will be possible to get a full-blown undergraduate degree in computer science by completing an online course.

  • Annual tuition cost is ₤5.650
  • Full course duration is 3 years
  • Course capacity is 3,000 students 

In view of increasing university tuition costs and graduate debts of over £50,000, the UK universities have sustained a dramatic drop in student numbers. By introducing an online course in computer science, the University of London aims to provide working students with more opportunities to study.

After tuition fees had been raised in 2012, the number of part-time students decreased by almost 40%! To reverse this negative trend, the system of university funding has to be reviewed. This is not the first instance of introducing online undergraduate degree courses. Previously, the Open University pioneered with a similar educational initiative.

The computer science course is being produced in a partnership with Coursera, one of the world's top online university companies. With its help, the new initiative is expected to get more audience coverage: currently, Coursera has over 31 million registered students.

How To Apply for a Bachelor’s Degree Online Course?

Currently, it’s possible to enroll in an online course to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The applications for the course open in January 2019. The next cohort starts on April 8, 2019. If you’re interested in getting a degree in computer science, you can see worldwide admissions requirements and sign in to get timely updates. The programme is offered twice per year in April and October.

Feel free to review the available MOOC’s in computer science from the University of London.


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