The Guy Who Knows How to Get Rid Of Annoying Spammers

2 years ago



Nobody likes those annoying spammers that are texting you all the time. So this guy is not an exception and here’s how he dealt with them. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you today.





The guy got a message that read, “I’m David. Your contact last month has won!” to what the guy replied, “What? I don’t know who is this? David? From like 2nd grade?”






So the guy started texting the spammers as if they were his friend from childhood. He texted, “Dude, I haven’t talked to you in forever! How have you been? I heard you got married to Karen. Dude, that’s awesome.”






And that is where the conversation went really creepy. The guy texted the spammers about his drinking problems, cocaine addiction, and some other odd stuff.






He also was telling them how he was beating Karen referring to it as, “good memories”.






The guy started telling even creepier stuff about his relationship with Karen, yet there was no reply from the spammers.







And finally, the spammers replied! They just said, “Dude, stop.” to what the guy replied, “Then don’t text me this stupid contest sh*t asshole.”

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