How To Skip a Physics Lecture By Running Away?

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The Typical Student team continues sharing student stories. This time, Saransh Katiyar, Futuro Chemical Engineer, shared his best and the most hilarious college experience of skipping a physics lecture, so here it is. 

How to Skip a Physics Lecture





At the time this story happened, Saransh was in the first year of btech at UPES Dehradun. That day there was supposed to be a physics lecture that nobody wanted to attend, so Saransh Katiyar and his friends came up with a plan on how to skip their physics class. After careful deliberation, they came up with a decision to simply run away. 

Physics Teacher's Great Physique


So, when the physics teacher was heading to the classroom, everybody had already run away, except for Saransh. He was the only one in the hall near the classroom door. Therefore, he had to run away as fast as he could in order to avoid an awkward meeting with his physics teacher. But the teacher was already walking along the corridor which was the only way out.

Saransh closed his eyes hoping that his teacher wouldn't notice him, but he quickly realized that it was really foolish of him and started thinking hard about his escape. He couldn't think of anything better than running past the teacher! Saransh took a deep breath and ran like it was the last day of his life. You can't even imagine how astounded Saransh was when he saw his physics teacher is running after him! 

Did Saransh Get Punished?

Of course, Saransh managed to run away from his teacher. Also,  the teacher turned out to have a good sense of humor, so not punishment followed after the stunt. In the Quora thread authored by him, Mr Katiyar claims that is the funniest college story so far.




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