College Student Shows How To Spam The Spammers (VIRAL Texts)

2 years ago



This guy was fed up with spam text messages, so he decided to text the spammers back and to show them how it’s really done. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!


So when he received a text message with most likely a scam job advertisement, he immediately came up with an outstanding response to it. The message said that those who are interested in the job position can give that number a call and discuss all the details. However, the guy decided to text them back instead.






So the guy pretended to be a representative of an organization that provides daily fun facts about the surrounding world, “Facts of the Day” and literally started severely spamming the spammers.






However, it seemed like the spam guy wasn’t interested in getting daily fun facts at all.






Unfortunately for the original spam guy, this texting was unstoppable. So he received a couple of funny pictures and a daily Naughty Dog Picture subscription.





So the death threats obviously didn’t work and the spam guy ended up with a Naughty Otters subscription. However, it seemed like he had managed to unsubscribe and finally finished the conversation.


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