Basic Tips On How Students Can Stay Safe On College Campus

2 years ago



Unfortunately, the number of student’s deaths on campus increases every year. It happens even in the most beautiful college campuses! For these simple reasons, in this post, the Typical Student team will give you basic tips on how to stay safe on an American campus.


Learn More About Campus Safety Efforts





Although the Higher Education Act passed in 1965, it amended several times since then. It includes such points as emergency notifications, evacuation procedures, prevention and awareness programs, and crime and fire logs. Being a college student, you should pay attention to these topics.


8 Things To Do To Stay Safe On Campus





Basically, these are the must-have any student should think about being a college student in America.


  • Lock your doors

  • Attend safety classes and review training videos

  • Be aware of your surroundings

  • Use the buddy system

  • Avoid drinking in excess

  • Carry a cell phone

  • Sign up for alerts

  • Ask for help when needed.

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