How To Succeed In Clearing 2019: Timeline for UK Students

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Clearing 2019, what should UK students expect? As told by the Guardian, there are two crucial factors shaping the clearing process in 2019. First of all, a birthrate gap of the early 2000s, which means there are fewer 18 year-olds in the UK than compared to previous years. Secondly, universities are currently in need of more students. The conditions are just perfect for students to shop around and select the best universities they can aspire for. The Typical Student team learned more about the clearing 2019 timeline. 

What Is Clearing? 

Clearing is a service that operates between July and September for UK students who haven’t managed to secure a place at university or college for the current school year. In 2019, clearing opened on July 5. About 60,000 students entered university via clearing last academic year. Before the A-levels results are announced on August 15, universities have open days and start advertising their vacancies. Many students use clearing as a second chance to submit their applications.

For students in the UK, perfect timing is extremely important due to all the political shenanigans! So, if you wish to succeed with getting into your chosen college, follow the below timeline precisely. 


Clearing Timeline for UK Students

  • 15 August

On the A-level results day, students who missed their grades can enter clearing. Students who received better results than expected can also take part in clearing. Students can learn the route they're eligible for by checking Ucas Track.

  • 31 August

This day is the day adjustment closes. Also, it's the deadline for providing extra information on your application, such as other achievements, to enable you to meet offer conditions.

  • 4 September

If you're of the students who want to take a gap year and defer entry to 2020 and not go through clearing, applications open for Ucas courses starting next year.

  • 20 September

The deadline for applications to Ucas courses starting in 2019. They must be provided before 6 pm today.

  • 15 October

The deadline for 2020 applications to Oxford and Cambridge. Also, for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry.

  • 22 October

The deadline for applications to courses starting in 2019 via clearing. After this date, universities and colleges can no longer accept students via clearing.

  • 15 January

The final deadline for all applications to undergraduate courses starting in 2020.


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