LIVING WITH A ROOMMATE: The Ultimate Guide to Co-existence for Students

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College students usually don’t live on their own. Since a budget of an average college student is pretty tight and there are so much things like student loans, rent, or food to pay for, most of the students prefer to share the rent and bills with their roommates. Besides, if a student lives on campus, in a college dormitory he or she will definitely have at least one roommate.

Living with a roommate is not only profitable for your budget, but also so much fun, because you’ll definitely never get bored. However, there are no perfect roommates. Moreover, there certainly will be different arguments with your roommates that will make your life together less fun. That is why it’s very important to know how to deal with your housemate and how to avoid arguments with them. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about 10 WEIRDEST Things a Boy Can Learn While Living With Girls at Uni. Now, we're sharing a guide on how to co-exist with a housemate. Check it out and you’ll never have any problems with your roommate again.

#1 Coordinate your schedules

roommate-etiquetteIf you and your housemate have each other’s schedules you both won’t have any problems like not knowing when either of you will be back in the apartment or coordinating meals and hangouts.

#2 Clean up your apartment together


Cleaning up your common apartment will decrease the chance of having arguments on the basis of household chores. Moreover, you can turn on the music and make this boring activity actually fun. Not to mention that it will take less time to clean the whole apartment if you are doing it with your roommate.

#3 Respect each other’s personal space

student-co-existenceEverybody needs to be alone for a while and that is why you should not enter your housemate’s room whenever you want. Moreover, don’t let a lot of your stuff like your clothes or books in the common room, kitchen or bathroom. Both you and your roommate have to organize their things and try not to clutter up the rooms of the common use.

#4 Keep your noise down


That means that you don’t wanna hangout with your friends in the apartment while your roommate is preparing for a test. Besides, try to be as quiet as it’s possible while you are returning from the party late at night and your roommate is already asleep.

#5 Don't eat your neighbor's foodstudents-dont-eat-neighbors-food

This is extremely important, because nobody likes the roommates who always steal their food. You can make all the food in your fridge common and just split the pay between you and your housemate. Or each of you can buy their own food and tag it with their names in order not to mix it up.

#6 Try to make friends with each other


It is much easier to co-exist with your housemate when he or she is your best friend. Just spend more time together and communicate with your roommate. You can hangout in your apartment, go to movies, have meals, travel, and do a lot of fun stuff together and it will not take long for you to become really good friends. Sharing an apartment with your friend is always so much fun.

Good luck with your roommate!

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