That’s How US Fresher’s Mom Surprised Her Daughter During College Orientation

3 years ago



Needless to say, moving from school to college is a big and long-awaited step for any student. Sometimes it appeared a hard time, sometimes an easy time but mostly you get both variants at once. Obviously, parents are always worried a lot about your future at college. However, today, the Typical Student team will tell you another kind of story. This student’s mom shocked her fresher daughter during college orientation.

The Original Story


This story happened to Avery Leilani at the beginning of the year. She was busy with college orientation when got this messages from… mother.


My mom dropped me off today for College freshman orientation and she sends me this…” wrote Avery on Twitter.

More Pics 

Then the student posted more screens with the pics her mom sent. It appeared that the woman became pretty popular in college while her daughter was at orientation. She decided to take a stroll around campus when met local football players.


After pulling a “cool mom” move, student’s mother took a few pics with handsome students who happened to be shirtless. 


The thing is that the pics do not look like the woman asked for them. Looks like she knows the guys for many years. 


Avery jokes that her mom got more action than her.




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