How Weed Brought US Student to Fame and Makeup Artist Career

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US student Marshala Perkin exploded web space with her glamorous mugshot. It’s all about makeup, girls! To show how beautiful your police picture can be, the Typical Student team selected 5 top shining student mugshots. Let’s get started!


#1 Marshala Perkin


This young lady is a 19-year-old Texas A&M University-Commerce student. February 2018, she was caught with marijuana and an absolutely eye-catching makeup. The result of such a stylish collab has gone viral.

Now Marshala is a popular makeup artist. Two grams of weed and perfect look made their best.


#2 Sarah Seawright


December 2014, this Arcansas beauty was called ‘Prison Bae’. Sarah was picked up on a failure to appear in court. Sounds harmless? Still, the list of Sarah’s crimes is pretty long. It includes battery, kidnapping, robbery, and reckless driving.


#3 Cute Alysa


This sweet girl posted a selfie captured that police has nothing on her. Well, this day, officers already visited her house and found there what they were expecting to find. They left everything as it was to arrive next day.

Alysa was arrested for the first time. Reason: carrying Xanax with selling intent. This arrest gave the girl lots of internet followers. One year later, Alysa was arrested again. This time the reason was shoplifting.

Was it a real crime or Alysa just wanted to attract more fans with a new gorgeous mugshot? Who knows...


#4 Angela


When Angela was arrested in Georgia, (reason: disorderly conduct)  thousands of netizens asked if they can pay her bail. Everybody wanted to help Angela because of her incredible model-like look.

Still, Angela didn’t need anyone’s help. She left jail the same night.


#5 Sean Kory


It’s time to add boys to the list. Here is handsome Sean, who was arrested for assault. Basically, he ran up to Fox News yelling: “I hate Fox News!”. He also took anchor’s mic and hit the worker with tennis racket.

The way Sean did it is still unclear.

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