In-depth Stanford Application Breakdown: Where To Start?

3 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps telling you about real-life student experiences. This time around, YouTuber The Kath Path tells her admission story and explains why she chose Stanford University over other college options.


Which Schools Did Katherine Apply For?



Katherine says that the first school she applied to and got accepted was Colorado School of Mines. However, she didn’t feel like she wanted to study there because her dream school was Stanford. Katherine also applied to all the UC’s, Colorado State University, University of Colorado Border, and, of course, to Stanford University.


First Day At Stanford




Katherine says it was December, 8 (which was pretty early) when she found out that she got accepted in Stanford and, without a second thought, she committed to it. However, Katherine says that was a big mistake because a week later she found out that she got into USC and got a full tuition scholarship as well. 


Why Did Katherine Choose Stanford? 




According to Katherine, she had a kind of a dilemma because she got into her dream school, Stanford, and had an opportunity to study for free at USC. So Katherine decided to visit both schools before coming to a final decision. She says that when she visited USC she felt like it wasn’t her school at all. However, Katherine also adds that she did not like everything about Stanford as well.

In the end, she went to Stanford, her dream school from the very beginning. Katherine claims that she doesn’t regret her decision now and if she had an opportunity to go through all of this again, she would choose Stanford all the same.

See the full video below:


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