International Student In UK: The Life At Leeds University

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Kari Medalla was born in the Philippines, moved to Japan when she was only 4 years old, then to Singapore, and finally to Leeds, where she has become a student at Leeds University. So here’s her story about becoming an international student. Today, the Typical Student team will tell you more about Kari's way!

Getting An Offer




When Kari got an offer to study at the University of Leeds she had to contact the university by phone. It was her first time calling somebody abroad, so when she first heard a British accent, she was really excited and thought: “OMG, this is who I’m gonna be surrounded by for the next 3 to 4 years.”

First Weeks At Uni




Kari says that her first weeks at the university were quite overwhelming mostly because everything was so different from what she was used to at home. Even though everybody was really nice to her, she still experienced a cultural shock. And obviously, she missed her family and home really bad.

How Did She Overcome Her Homesickness?




According to Kari, homesickness disappears when you make new friends and concentrate on your studies. She also says that the administration of her university was quite supportive and understanding towards her. So she got used to the new environment very quickly.

Advice For International Students




Kari suggests international students keeping themselves busy and taking every single opportunity they can find. She advises as well not to be afraid of making some mistakes because it’s the experience that you will grow from.

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