Being an International Student at the University of Queensland

2 years ago



Lulu is an international student from Zambia at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia and she told the Crimson Education about her university life. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!

What is Lulu’s major?

Lulu is majoring in Commerce & Law and apart from her studies she holds the position of the international student officer at the university’s Student Union. So her duties are to advocate for all the international students at Queensland and to be their voice on campus.


Why the University of Queensland?





According to Lulu, the University of Queensland gives so many opportunities for the entrepreneurship students like herself. She says that this university’s programs include the most innovative and fascinating courses especially for those who want to study Business and Law.

How does she spend her days?





Lulu says that she spends a lot of time in the Law Library because it has a lot of great study spots for students and most of her classes are held in this building. She also adds she loves to hang out with her friends on weekends.

Why does she love her course?





Lulu says that her course is great because they have small classes and seminars where they can discuss many interesting questions. She adds that sometimes they do reflections and she really likes this activity because the reflections are practical hence more interesting and interactive than just reading a textbook.



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