Jason Statham, Ryan Reynolds, John Mayer And Other Celebs Who Attempted Viral #BottleCapChallenge

2 years ago



The Bottle Cap Challenge has been trending for a couple of days now on Instagram, and it's sure something. Seems like the internet users are fond of putting bottles in viral challenges. Previously, people went crazy about bottle flipping, not it's the bottle cap challenge! The Typical Student team learned all about the latest viral challenge for you.


Who Started The #BottleCapChallenge?

Supported by the biggest celebrities, the bottle cap challenge seems to have started from the video of Slovakian man Roman Kambur.  June 20, Kambur posted his video on Instagram. After that,  Karo Pashikyan, an MMA fighter from Kazakhstan, uploaded his attempt to uncap the bottle with a kick. Next, followed by Jason Statham. After Statham's video, the whole thing literally exploded on social media. Friday, Max Holloway, the UFC fighter, uploaded a video of the challenge, which then garnered almost two million views. In the video, Holloway tagged musician John Mayer. Check out the video below showing how celebs do the bottle cap challenge:



The latest viral  #BottleCapChallenge video has just been posted by actor Ryan Reynolds who made an attempt to kick the bottle cap but failed hilariously.  We have to admit, this 45-sec video is a piece of art!


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