Keeping Your Uni Files Secure

3 years ago


Whether you’re about to reach university or nearly graduated, it’s vital that you backup your files securely. When it comes to data storage, there’s the obvious threat: that pizza spilled on your laptop will ruin a nearly-finished essay and you won’t be able to retrieve the file. But there are bigger threats, like cyber hacks and data breaches, which can risk your personal information when stored or transmitted online. In fact, students are prime targets for cyber attacks, as many admins fail to properly secure their web portals that house sensitive data. To minimize the risk, be conscious of how you backup your files and what information you give out on the web.

Keep A Virtual Filing Cabinet 

As a student, it’s a good idea to make a virtual folder for each of your classes and back them up periodically using a digital filing cabinet. Everything But Stromboli recommends using a traditional flash drive or memory card to backup files, as this minimizes the chance that cyber hackers can invade your personal information. When writing, you should take periodic breaks to backup your data every 20-30 minutes of working, so that you don’t risk losing too much data. Apart from regular documents, you also want to think about how you store other information, including passwords and pictures. One good tip is to backup your pictures once a week in case you accidentally lose your SD card. 

Application Season

When it comes time to apply for university, it’s especially important to be mindful about your data because many applications will ask you for secure information. Of course, you should always use a cybersecurity software to prevent hackers from posing as your application portal and mining your information. You should also never give out your secure passwords for other accounts on Google forms, etc. as uni officials are unlikely to ask you for this and it could be a scam. Contact the university’s tech department if something on the screen doesn’t look right. 

Parting With Your Uni Email

It’s sad, we know. Your uni email is virtually a lifeline for 3-4 years, and losing it means you risk losing all of the students accounts you made with your email (eg., amazon) that may be hard to recover otherwise. The first step is to switch your accounts to a different email not affiliated with your university, so that you can still log into important websites without having to retrieve your password from an email that doesn’t exist. But after that, it’s important to back up your old emails in case you need to retrieve information from professors or school administrators later.

It’s never too late to start thinking about cyber security, just as you would think about securing files on a shelf in your home. Be mindful of what information you give to forms on the internet to minimize cyber risks.

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