Life After The Graduation Is Possible According To Popular YouTuber

3 years ago



Phoebe Slee has recently got her university degree and now she shares her experience of living the adult life. And here's what the Typical Student will tell you about!

Finding a job


Phoebe says that she had finished all of her courses by April and her graduation was going to be in July, so she had more than two months to find a job. She claims that she wasn’t actively looking for a job, because she wanted to rest a little bit during her last a kind of “free” summer. However, she got an offer from one company to work as a social media manager which she eventually accepted. So Phoebe has been working as a social media manager since July and she says that she really loves her job.

Working on her YouTube channel





New job didn’t make Phoebe stop blogging. Moreover, after graduation she has even more time for filming new videos, so now she is trying to improve her YouTube channel. Phoebe adds that she works with big brands and gets paid for her YouTube videos as well.

Moving on with life





Phoebe claims that most of her classmates didn’t get a job straight away, because a lot of companies require their employees to have work experience. So she is extremely happy that she managed to find her job so quickly and, even though she doesn’t make a lot of money yet, she knows that she is only 21 and she has the whole life ahead to build her career.

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