Love or Harassment: College Student Tells Real Story About Professor Hitting On Her

3 years ago



The Typical Student team continues sharing real-life stories told by students. YouTuber Kenzie Borowski told an insane story about her college professor hitting on her. Kenzie really loved the class that professor was teaching. Besides, she found that professor rather cool and sarcastic. In fact, he was her favorite teacher and she always enjoyed his classes. But something was off. 


The Love Story? 



The day Kenzie found out about her professor’s feelings towards, her she had to pack for her trip to New York, that is why she decided to skip some classes and went to warn her teachers that she was going to be absent. 

When Kenzie went to this professor’s office, all of a sudden, her teacher and she started chatting about life. So this conversation became really personal and rather weird, mostly because he was telling Kenzie about his wife, kid, and girlfriends. And that is where he started flirting with her. Moreover, he started telling Kenzie about his sex preferences. 

So at the end of this conversation, he hinted that he would like Kenzie to be his girlfriend and gave her his card with his personal phone number. Not to mention the way he was looking at Kenzie’s butt while she was leaving his office.




What Did Kenzie Do Afterward?





After that situation his classes were super weird for Kenzie. Moreover, she noticed that this teacher was flirting with other girls in her class too. So afterwards, Kenzie says that this situation was really odd and she hopes that this is never going to happen to her again.



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