$28M For Football Locker Room? LSU Students Enraged With Excessive Money Spending

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This week, Louisiana State University demonstrated its $28 million renovated football locker room, and students were appalled. The topic quickly went viral as people said LSU had better spent this money toward academics rather than sports. As reported by Insider, the money for the locker room renovation was donated by private donors. The Typical Student team learned why college sports programs constantly draw public criticism.


LSU Football Shows Off Its Brand-New Locker Room


The LSU reps claim this impressive sum of money was spent on offices, a training room, a players' lounge, and a cafeteria, Insider reports. An official LSU Twitter profile erupted with comments and reactions to the pictures of the renovated locker room. 

So, what's there in the locker room?

Apart from the novelties of design, the locker room can boast purple plush chairs reclining into sleeping pods, described by LSU's athletic department as "a cross between a first-class cabin on an airplane and a space station from a science fiction film." 


Reasons For Criticism

It's no secret, college sports gets gigantic revenue, but at the same time players are often treated badly as they don't get a quality education. The NCAA officially reported in 2018 its annual revenue surpassed $1 billion. In many states, a university's head football coach is the highest-paid public employee.  As told by Insider, the LSU's head coach, Ed Orgeron, has made $3.5 million last year!


LSU's Deteriorating Library





But what's with the other university facilities? We have to say, the LSU library doesn't look as stunning as the locker room! Amidst the criticism, Cat Mckinney, an LSU senior, shared an image of the school's deteriorating library on her Twitter profile. This one is such an astounding disparity!

People were shocked by the looks of one of the most important places at university, so naturally, they voiced their indignation. Here are just a few:
















Do you agree, such a big amount of money should be spent on a locker room?

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