The Main Reason Why "Sexy Ice Cream Man" Meme Took Twitterverse By Storm

2 years ago



If you haven't heard of the "sexy ice cream man" meme, then you're living under the rock. The video of a guy in Westfield, Stratford, shopping centre making ice cream has gone extremely viral and not for nothing. The Typical Student team learned what's hidden behind the crazy popularity of a "sexy ice cream man."

The Origin Of "Sexy Ice Cream Man" Meme

It all started when the video created by Rob Huysinga aka "sexy ice cream man", the cofounder of Pan-n-Ice from Berkshire, showed up on TikTok as an International Women's Day message. The video has been viewed over 12M times and inspired a variety on responses on Twitterverse that couldn't be left unnoticed. 



Twitterverse Reactions

People on Twitterverse reacted to the "sexy ice cream man" meme in a variety of ways. Some called the video sexist implying on male objectification, some just admitted it's the strangest thing they've ever seen. 





The awkwardness of it all:




But if you think the ice cream man is only about his looks, you're wrong. Later on, someone has discovered a video of Rob serving at children's hospital and it's super cute: 



The guy has an Instagram account @robhuysinga where he documents his deeds. 





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