Manchester Student Got Condom Delivered To The Door When He Really Needed One

3 years ago



This story happened to a  21-year-old student at the University of Manchester. One night Jamie Innes figured out that he doesn’t have any condoms on. And he did need them! That’s why the student wrote on Facebook and actually got a condom delivered to his door. Let the Typical Student tell you this viral story!


What Happened To Manchester Student?

manchester-student-got-condom-delivered-1.jpgWithout a doubt, you don’t need to be told why Jamie Innes needed a condom that night. However, soon the student of Manchester Uni realized that he doesn’t have one. The young man wrote the post on his Facebook page. He also posted it on an official student group account for the university.

‘I am f***ing desperate,’ he wrote. ‘Please, this is not a joke. I have less than an hour, serious replies only.’


The Result

manchester-student-got-condom-delivered-2.jpgAnother Manchester uni student saw Jamie’s post on the Facebook page. He was on his way home. Here’s what the guy who brought condoms said: ‘I was already going in that direction and I thought we’ve all been in a similar situation so may as well help a guy out. ‘You’ve always got to carry spares, never know when you’ll need them… like this time.’


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