Masturbation Challenge Is Gaining Momentum On Instagram

Masturbation Challenge Is Gaining Momentum On Instagram, Will You Participate?

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There's this new masturbation challenge is gaining momentum n Instagram, and the Typical Student team is delivering the freshest details. So, how often do you self-pleasure? Amy Baldwin and April Lampert, who are in charge of the @shamelesssexpodcast profile, have just started their Self-Pleasure 30-Day Instagram Challenge.


Shameless Sex Podcast 




Amy and April from Shameless Sex podcast believe the challenge will help get rid of the stigma surrounding the process of self-pleasure: "The intention of this challenge is to help de-stigmatize #selfpleasure while also giving participants an opportunity to connect with their own pleasure/body on a deeper level."

So, what does one need to partake in a challenge? The 'instructions' are simple and self-explanatory. What you need is to basically "pleasure yourself for a minimum of 10 minutes each and every day - using no porn and no vibrators."

To clarify their point, Amy and April commented: "The intention of this challenge isn't to shame people for using vibrators or porn."


Participation In a Challenge




Another condition of participation is to DM or email @shamelesssexpodcast with an anonymous photograph of a participant with a comment about their "current self-pleasure practice in 10 words or less." 




During May, the participants are encouraged to send another anonymous photo describing a week's experience on what they learned, what challenges they faced,  and what breakthroughs they've had. Believe it or not, a lot of people are up for participating in the challenge, some users even tagged others in the comment section with 'let's do this!'

Will you take part in the challenge? 

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