MESSIEST Frat Party Experience Delivered By Student YouTube Blogger

3 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing crazy student experiences. This time around, a popular YouTube blogger, Taylor Renae, tells a story about the craziest frat party experience she had.


How Did Everything Start



Taylor says that Jonny, a guy from ASU, asked her to be his date at a frat party and Taylor said yes, because why not? So when they came to the party at 5 p.m. everybody was already wasted. However, Taylor says that she actually had fun there, but she also adds that she avoided drinking anything. After a while, they went to a club where they also had a lot of fun. So around 9.30 they left the club and everybody was kind of splitting up and going to other parties.


Gist of The Argument 



So Taylor and her friend Jonny went to another party and that is where all the craziness began. When Jonny went to charge his phone another guy, Devin, started bothering Taylor. She told Devin that she came with another guy, but Devin didn’t care and was following Taylor wherever she went. Then Jonny came back and told Devin to back off. After that Devin went to the guys that are really high up in the frat and complained about Jonny.


What A Mess


Eventually, the frat guy came to Jonny and said that he will have to clean the place up. So the frat guys started pushing everything off the counters and tables. Taylor says that it was really insane. The glass, alcohol, and trash were all over the floor and while Jonny and Devin were cleaning it up, the frat guys were making even more mess. Finally, at around 4 a.m., when Jonny finished cleaning, they went home. Taylor says that she hasn’t seen anything as insane as that frat party in her life so far.

See the full video below:



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