That’s How Millennials' Bedrooms Look Around The Globe

3 years ago



Needless to say, everyone loves their bedroom. Students always work hard to make their room a perfect place. Just think of all these shopping problems you went through when just entered the college! Today, the Typical Student team is going to guide you through other millennials’ bedrooms


#1 Los Angeles — Tosha, 26 years old, go-go dancer

millennials-bedrooms-around-the-globe-1.jpg#2 New York — Maleeq, 28 years old, entertainer

millennials-bedrooms-around-the-globe-2.jpg#3 Istanbul — Gullé, 29 years old, actor

millennials-bedrooms-around-the-globe-3.jpg#4 Tokyo — Ryoko, 25 years old, IT engineer

millennials-bedrooms-around-the-globe-4.jpg#5 Katmandu, Nepal — Pema, 22 years old, Buddhism student

millennials-bedrooms-around-the-globe-5.jpg#6 Tehran — Élahé, 29 years old, painter

millennials-bedrooms-around-the-globe-6.jpg#7 Paris — Joseph, 30 years old, artist

millennials-bedrooms-around-the-globe-7.jpg#8 Echo Manyata, Kenya — Ezekiel, 22 years old, warrior

millennials-bedrooms-around-the-globe-8.jpg#9 Kigali, Rwanda — Josee, 22 years old, an accounting student


#10 Bucharest, Romania — Andreea, 24 years old, civil engineer


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