That’s How Dropout MIT Student Founded a Revolutionary New College

3 years ago



Most American students struggle with their student loans, but there is one student who decided to finally stop it.  Jeremy Rossmann decided to leave traditional university life at MIT and by 23 he co-founded the Make School in San Francisco, California. And that's what the Typical Student team will tell you about!

A college that doesn’t charge any tuition




The Make School is completely free for anybody willing to study.  Jeremy says that there are no tricks and you will never have to pay a dollar you don’t have to at the Make School.

Who are the students at the Make School?

The majority of the Make School students are college dropouts from the top U.S. universities like Jeremy himself. Moreover, the Make school claims that they do not accept everyone, they have a 10% acceptance rate which makes the Make school more competitive than Dartmouth and Duke.

Why is the Make School better than a regular college?





Jimmy Yue, a Make School student, says that the environment at the Make School is friendlier and people there are trying to actually do things rather than thinking only about their grades.

What makes the Make School different from the traditional colleges?

Jeremy says that they don’t have grades, tests, and traditional homework. The make School gives its students the experience that they will need in real life.

Does Jeremy have any regrets about dropping MIT?





Jeremy claims that he has no strong regrets, moreover, he is happy that he chose untraditional education and he firmly believes that it works much better than the traditional one.


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