WTH Is ‘Moo Challenge’? US Students Dance In Cow Onsies & Don’t Feel Ashamed About It!

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Who the hell is Doja Cat? Heard the ‘Moo Song’ already? In case you didn’t know, the latest viral tune is now taking over social media… It all started when Doja Cat, a US-based  singer and rapper, dropped her bizarre song ‘Mooo!’ Previously, the Typical Student team told you WTH Is Momo Suicide Challenge? 4 Tips for Students to Help Protect Their Siblings. Tune in to learn what Moo Challenge is all about!


How Did the ‘Moo Challenge’ Start?


Last week, Doja Cat dropped a teaser her VERY WEIRD clip for the ‘Moo Song’. Days later she finally unleashed the full music video!

With the catchiest hook ever, the song was meant to become an instant hit:

"B*tch, I’m a cow, B*tch, I’m a cow, I'm not a cat, I don't say Meow."



Source: @thegreatkhalid



Source: @big_business_


The Twitterverse obviously went crazy, with celebs including Khalid, Chris Brown and Chance The Rapper showing support for the song.


How to Partake in 'Moo Challenge'?


Social media users took to Twitter and Instagram with their own interpretations of the memetic song. Then followed the official Moo Challenge started by the Doja Cat on Instagram.



Source: @softpxrn



Source: @Followmeclarke




Some find it similar to the Keke challenge, however users not only film themselves dancing to the track! In fact, to make it count, one has to wear a cow kigurumi (onesie). If you want to see the most hilarious challenges, check the #moochallenge #dojacat hashtags.


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