8 MOST Creative Graduation Cap Designs Class 2018

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Graduation… The sweetest time US students can ever have while studying at university. Still, in spite of being an important milestone in everyone’s lives, very few people can bear with the boring ceremonies. Is there a way to survive the graduation ceremony without falling asleep? Actually, there is!


The coolest thing about US graduation ceremonies is seeing how ingenious graduates can be to stand out in the crowd of caps and mantles. Custom graduation cap designs are THE best way to look different from your fellow graduates. There’s been so many inspirational designs in 2018 graduation ceremonies, the Typical Student team just couldn’t help but make a recap. Take a look at the most creative and unique graduation cap decorations!


#1 Met Gala Inspired Graduation Cap


The theme of 2018 Met Gala was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” so Twitter user @jiiiya_ got seriously inspired by celebrity looks to create her own.



#2 Jessica Joy Nurse Graduation Cap

Instagram user @jessykins, the Stockton University graduate, created a glittery anime style nurse themed cap. She says she can take care of your pokemon, and she MEANS it!


#3 Nerdy Math Teacher Graduation Cap


One more creative graduation cap on our list! Its creator, @briii.zinn has a serious message she want to convey: “The Limit Does Not Exist!”

The author captioned her cap: “Calc Pun + Graduation Cap = Nerdy Math Teacher.”

nerdy-math-teacher-graduation-cap #4 El Día de los Muertos Graduation Cap

Instagram user @hypebeast_ruiz created a badass El Día de los Muertos themed graduation cap!

Painted in multi-colored skull and dancing skeletons, this cap is a masterpiece!



#5 Koala Graduation Cap

Class 2018 surely knows how to surprise! Some students decided to spice up their cap designs with a little humor. Instagram user @lolfirefly chose the cutest animal ever - a koala with a caption: ”I have the koalafications!”


#6 Pizza Graduation Cap

Bet, every student loves pizza! So, why not put it on a graduation cap?

Instagram user @alyssaag posted her take on what a graduation cap should look, and it’s hilarious!


#7 Black Girl Magic Graduation Cap


Instagram user @_fabulousdisaster_ created a cool crossover of her cultural background and Harry Potter books.

Black girls know how to make some magic, indeed!




#8 Van Gogh Graduation Cap

 Instagram user @maddiesawyer was apparently inspired by her art major.

Why else would she make a Van Gogh inspired cap with a witty caption “Van Gone”?


Hopefully, you liked the class 2018 graduation cap designs.


Get inspired to create the custom cap design of your own for your graduation ceremony year!


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