Mother Hits Teen Daughter With Flip-Flop From 30 Meters During Family Row (VIRAL VIDEO INSIDE)

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Previously, the Typical Student team shared a viral video of how Angry Mother Smacks Two Female Students With A Slipper While They’re Twerking On Camera. Now, the flip-flop punishment was taken to the next level by this mother from Mexico.


Mom Is Straight Shooter



In a viral video shared by DailyMail, a woman is seen throwing her flip-flop at teen daughter at a distance of approximately 30 meters during a family row. The flip-flop is seen soaring through the air and whacking the teenager between her shoulders. Looks like the flip-flop has a radar in it, so it never misses the target. Just take a closer look at the moment an angry mother that threw her flip-flop at her teen daughter that was fleeing during the family row. The precision is just amazing!  


In the video, the mother is seen taking her sandal off and nailing the seemingly impossible shot.  And guess what, she chucked it at least 30 metres down the street. The flip-flop just hit the teen child between the shoulders and made her stop.


'Chanclazo Volador'



At the time of writing, the video has amassed over 1.3M views and 60,000 likes on Twitter. Users called the woman a world-class pro in the noble art of the 'chanclazo volador' (flying flip-flop), which is reportedly a popular punishment among the Mexican mothers.


See the full 14-second video that already turned into a meme:  


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